Hey! We are the Benkners. We have kids ranging from 12 years down to 4 months. I like to say that we live in organized chaos, but truth be told, sometimes it’s not so organized. We are preparing for our next big adventure – living in a camper as we travel across the States for a few years. 

If you are questioning our sanity, you are not alone! Sometimes I question it myself. Haha. We will be documenting our lives as we prepare to hit the road and while we are on the road. We’d love to have you join us, so make sure you follow us on YouTube, social media, and jump on our newsletter! 

Currently, we plan on beginning our journey in Spring 2021. We are selling our home, brick & mortar business, and most of our possessions to make this happen. So jump in and follow along. Feel free to get interactive with us on social media – we will answer questions you may have and have a lot of good laughs along the way.