large family camper adventure

Do you ever get wild ideas? A crazy daydream that just seems to set your soul ablaze? Something that seems so far fetched that you push it aside and try to quiet the voice inside, calm your beating heart, and get back to the daily grind?

All my life I have been a dreamer. McKenzie has lovingly said that he has to keep me grounded. If it weren’t for him (and the 8 kiddos!) I would probably be a nomad, drifting from place to place. I have always felt stifled by a desk job – like the life is being sucked out of my soul. My dad calls me his gypsy – and never seems to be surprised no matter what wild idea I tell him we are going to do next.

However, over the years, something amazing has happened. The other day, I laughingly suggested what is likely the craziest thing yet, and McKenzie, who would normally laugh at me and brush it off, jumped at the idea. We spent days discussing it.

Are we really going to do this?

How will we make it work?

Y’all. We may or may not have lost our minds. But we have decided that life is short, and if we wait for the “right time”, we will likely die waiting. I love a good quote and I can think of about ten to capture where I am in life right now. I’ll spare you all the motivational fluff and instead tell you the news.

We are moving.

In every meaning of the word. In the next couple of months we will be listing our farm, our brick & mortar business, and selling most everything we own. Our goal is to have everything done by Spring 2021.

So where are we going?


And no place in particular.

We will be loading the (large!) family up and traveling throughout the US in our camper.

Yep. You read that correctly! Our plan is to take 2-3 years and hit any place that seems interesting. We will be traveling someplace new every couple of weeks. Part of the adventure will be the traveling, the other part will be the family living in a camper!

We will have a Facebook page, Instagram, and a Youtube channel where we will post our adventures. And, of course, here on the website. If you have questions/suggestions/comments we would love to hear them. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list. If you happen to miss something on social media we will send updates by email, as well.

As we begin to prepare I will be updating weekly with where we are in the process. If you are friends with me on Facebook, expect to see a lot of things for sale soon!

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  1. Stephanie Blevins

    I’m so excited to follow you on this journey. Ps: first dibs on a highland steer when you start selling. Love you guys.

  2. Whitney Harden

    Take us with you! Lol I hope you all have a wonderful time! This would be a dream come true for me!

    1. Chelsey

      We will have to collaborate on some trips! Bucket List Kids & Making Benk! What fun!

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