Digital Cash Envelopes are Best – Budgeting with Technology

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Qube Money uses digital cash envelopes to bring convenience and security to cash envelope budgeting.
Qube Money makes cash envelope systems easy and convenient.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a cash envelope system, it’s a way to put money aside for specific purposes. Usually, people will have various envelopes with category names on them, and cash is put into each envelope for purchases in that category. It’s simple enough to set up a cash envelope system, but digital cash envelopes take life up a notch – especially if you are like me and tend to do more than your share of purchasing items online.

Enter Qube Money.

You can easily use Qube Money to create separate “qubes” for each category or expense. You can make it as simple or detailed as you like. Qube Money keeps up with the balance of each qube, so you don’t have to. At any given time, you can see how much remains in each qube. That’s the beauty of Qube Money – you know where your budget stands every moment. It’s a great visual reminder of your budget and goals. If you are looking for a reason to switch to digital cash envelopes, or if you’ve never embraced cash envelopes because you don’t like carrying cash (and the thought of having to go into the gas station and wait in line to prepay fuel makes you want to scream), then here are a few reasons going digital might be the answer you need.

Easier to Manage

The concept of a cash envelope system is simple: if you divide your income and expenses into categories, you can transfer money from one envelope to another. Using digital cash envelopes system makes it even easier to manage your money, as a few quick clicks moves your money from one “envelope” to another, all while doing the math part for you. You don’t have to worry about remembering to bring your cash envelopes with you as you are running out the door, and Qube makes it easy to make sure you are spending out of the correct envelope – just open the app, choose the qube, and swipe/tap your card. Easy peasy.

Easier to Share

Qube Money’s Premium plan allows you to share qubes with your companion. So at any time, you both can see where you stand regarding your budget. No need to call to make sure you have the funds for a purchase – check the qube. Qube Money updates in real-time. And forget long “budget meetings” with your Special Someone – because nothing is less romantic than arguing about money! Qube makes sure you all are on the same page all the time.

No Risk of Losing Cash

Digital cash envelopes have so many advantages over traditional money, and having the Qube Money app on your phone ensures that you always have access to your money. If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry. Your Qube app protects your data with biometrics/Face ID/password, so your money is safe – no worries about lost cash. And since Qube functions as a bank account and debit card, you have protections when making purchases or in the case of fraud.

No Risk of Forgetting to Pay Bills

You can set up Qubes for budget categories like groceries, fuel, entertainment, or whatever other variable expenses you may have. Qube also allows you to set Bill Qubes, which provide custom virtual ACH or debit card numbers. This will enable you to set recurring payments for bills that always have the same balance each month – like Netflix. You can also set Bill Qubes for annual expenses like property taxes, Amazon Prime, or vehicle registration. Create the qube, divide the yearly total of the bill by 12 months, and fund the qube each month. When the bill arrives in a year, you have the money for it and can pay it by ACH or debit card.

Ready to Get Qubed?

Qube Money app makes cash envelope budgeting possible for people that don't want to carry cash.

Qube Money makes cash envelope budgeting possible for people that don’t want to carry cash. You can use Qube Money as a stand-alone budgeting system or with a traditional budgeting app like You Need A Budget or Mint. Qube Money offers a Free and Premium version (and a Family version on the way!). Use code MAKINGBENK for 8 FREE weeks of the Premium version. It’s a great way to try out the system and see how great it works! Of course, if you have any questions, their support is fantastic – and I am happy to help answer any questions that I can.

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